27 January 2012

Day 47 / 101 - McKenna

On Wednesday, the UPS man delivered what seemed like a long-awaited package to my daughter.  The week before, she ordered the American Girl 2012 Girl of the Year, McKenna.  This isn't her first American Girl doll, nor will it be her last.  But, it is special to her because she saved her own money and purchased the doll all by herself.  If you are familiar with the dolls, you know they are not cheap.  I am proud to say this is the second time that my daughter has worked hard to save the money necessary to purchase a doll all on her own.  We don't give allowance in our home for daily household tasks, (like emptying the dishwasher or walking the dog) because we feel that everyone in our family has certain responsibilities to fulfill in order to help our home run efficiently. However, we do pay for tasks that are extra (like shoveling the snow out of the driveway or helping to take down Christmas decorations).  Between helping us out around the home, and saving some recent monetary gifts from Christmas and her birthday, the money came together quicker than she expected.  She is simply thrilled with her latest purchase.

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