25 December 2011

Day 37 / 101 - Legos

My children love Legos!  They have for years, because Legos remain the Best. Toy.  Ever.  And, for a variety of reasons, constructing with Legos still remain part of our school day.  There are countless educational benefits to Legos:

- Construction
- Design
- Manual Dexterity
- Creativity
- Lateral Thinking
- Problem Solving
- Spatial Reasoning
- Following Directions
- Development of Physics and Engineering Skills
- Visual Perception
- Cause and Effect
- And more!

Since today is Christmas day, it's only appropriate I post that my children, at the moment, are working on several different new sets totaling about 6500 pieces.  I'm hoping this keeps them busy for awhile.

Merry Christmas!

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