01 December 2011

Day 27 / 101 - Parts of Speech Bingo

My children have known for a while that there are eight parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, prepositions, adjectives).  And, they've even learned what each part of speech does (a noun names a person, place, thing, activity, or idea).  Realistically, the next step is to be able to identify the different parts of speech in written work.

Earlier this week, I made up simple Parts of Speech Bingo cards.  I placed the cards in page protectors.  Since there are only eight parts of speech, each part was on a card about three times.  My original plan was just to have a bunch of note cards with different words on them, and as I drew a word out of a bag, my children would write that word on the correct part of speech on their Bingo card.  I planned to get tricky and use words like that because that could be an adjective or a pronoun or yesterday could be a noun or an adverb.  Then my children would need to get strategic on how they used the words on their Bingo cards in order to find all the parts of speech.

However, as we were playing, I quickly realized that my children needed a little more context for the words, so I grabbed the closest book.  We began reading sentences from the book and identifying the parts of speech, from the sentences, on the Bingo card.  Also, we began adding parts of speech to different sentences, or making up our own.  For instance -- Sierra ate her bone.  Then we'd add an adverb.  Sierra quickly ate her bone.  Then we'd add a preposition.  Sierra quickly ate her bone outside.  Then we'd add an adjective.  Sierra quickly ate her white bone outside.  Then we'd add an interjection.  Look!  Sierra quickly ate her white bone outside.  As more parts of speech were added and identified, more words were written on the Bingo card.

It was a simple way to gain a better understanding of the parts of speech.  Plus, my children really enjoyed it.  I think we'll be adding the game into our curriculum several times a week.  Daily, I plan on having my children individually pick a few sentences from a book they're reading and identifying the parts of speech with the Bingo cards.  We'll continue the drill until we master the concept.

By the way....Sierra is our dog.  :)


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  2. Do you have a printable or did you make this up yourself? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jessica ....

      If I remember correctly, I think I just made these on an excel table. I might have used a Bingo template. Hope that helps.