05 October 2011

Day 11 / 101 - School in the Driveway

This wasn't a planned post.  But then again, yesterday wasn't a planned day.  I believe in order for my children to learn effectively, as a homeschooler, I need to approach some days with a large amount of improvisation and spontaneity.  Yesterday was that.

After what seemed like four weeks of rain, we had a gorgeous, 65 degree sunny day.  So we moved the classroom outside.  Into the driveway.  And that is where we did our work.  I mentioned recently about our new fascination with sidewalk chalk.  The chalk became our writing utensils, and the driveway our workspace.  We wrote math facts, diagrammed sentences, and drew pictures to correspond with our history sentences.  We wrote our Latin vocab words and drew maps of the United States.  Occasionally, we'd take a quick bike ride, or toss a ball around, as we were reciting our memorization work.  We had an extremely productive day!

One of my goals as a homeschooler is to create an atmosphere or environment of learning.  I don't believe you need a classroom, or a desk, to learn, but that learning can happen whenever or wherever you are.  That was why yesterday was perfect.  THIS is why I homeschool.

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