19 September 2011

Day 4 / 101 - North and South

I believe that reenactments are the absolute best way to teach children History.  Last Friday we reenacted the Civil War.

Along with U.S. Geography, we are also studying U.S. History this year.  We made a trip to Zoar Village, Ohio, for the school field trip portion of their Battle on the Ohio-Erie Canal.  This is our second time attending this program, and once again, we were impressed.  My children discussed with a Union surgeon the advancements in medicine made during the civil war.  They heard the story of an escaped slave and his work on the underground railroad.  They witnessed a blacksmith make horseshoes and nails.  They interacted with President Lincoln.  And, the list goes on......

Of course their favorite part (which was the same as the last time) was the infantry, cavalry, and weapons demonstration.  The cannon shooting in the above picture is the one that sits in front of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

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